changing the world through art.

"vegan for them"

Can Art change the world? Can individuals change the world? 

Two questions that I've heard very often. My answer: It's the nature of Art to bring change; changing perspectives which change individuals and by that, changing the world. 


With my art, I aim to change people's perspectives. I aim to question what we consider 'normal' in our society. 


My art conveys a message. A message of love and kindness towards all beings.

The most innocent and vulnerable beings on this planet are being abused, tortured and murdered -for food, clothes or our entertainment. 

They feel love, joy, pain and fear, in the same way as we do. 


Being vegan means respecting life. It literally means 'living and letting live'. Veganism is the only way to show compassion to animals. 

Veganism is a choice. Our everyday choices can save them from suffer and death. Why being cruel if you can be kind?