I'm a passionate queer artist and illustrator based in Germany. My art revolves all around total liberation and social justice.


My journey started with veganism, animal rights art and activism, which eventually wasn't enough for me. What first appeared to be the whole story was just the very beginning: later on, I realised that there was so much more than animal liberation that I wanted to address with my art. I began to educate myself about systematical oppression and marginalised groups. Intersectionality was what I was searching for. In my opinion, all struggles are interconnected: the exploitation of human- and nonhuman-animals as well as mama earth are not separated from each other -I'm fighting against all forms of injustice on this planet.


Today, I am a total liberation artist and activist, my art aims to be inclusive and consistent anti-oppressive. A very exciting, emotional and intense art and activism journey has lead me to the point where I am standing right now. But this is just today. My journey doesn't end here, I'll never stop learning and evolving. And so won't my art. It'll change and grow as I do.


Looking forward to meet some of you on this journey!